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Ok here is a question...what has many many many ways to call one same thing? That’s right! .... Playgrounds.

We all have heard at least one of this different names:

"playground" or “backyard playground”, “swing set”, “playset”, “playstructure”,

"swing sets", “playing field”, “jungle gym”.. ok ok I think we are going too far!

So, talking about playgrounds just comes to my mind the idea about a bunch of kids running up and down, laughing, interacting and having just nothing but a great time!

Who would think that the idea of creating a playground was first introduced in Germany, essentially as a platform to teach children the correct way to play. However, it wasn't until 1859 that the first children's playground was built in a Park in Manchester.


I don’t know who came with that brilliant idea but I need to say thank you! I’m a mother and I can say this is one of the most wonderful ideas ever! And you know what? Is not only about keeping kids busy and getting them tired, the whole idea about playgrounds has been even more and more studied to understand better how do playgrounds develop my kids?

Playgrounds provide children the chance to practice and hone key skills including social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

Social skills

An environment surrounded by children significantly helps to create stronger bonds between them. Learning through play is a key tool for building strong relationships. This is extremely important when children play with family members mainly between siblings or cousins.

And of course, for other kids allows interaction with children of all backgrounds and the opportunity to build new relationships.


When kids play, they get empowered by themselves. They get excited, motivated, they are big, strong, and whatever is the challenge in that moment, they can do it. Their emotions and motivations are stimulated, and that is what we want them to feel.

Health and Imagination

Play sets help to prevent obesity.

Kids have their own space and the freedom to engage in heart-healthy activities. When they play in the playground, climbing rocking walls, running around chasing each other, jumping and climbing monkey bars while pretending to be monkeys at the zoo all while building strength, endurance and increasing their cardiovascular health at the same time than their imagination touches the sky !

And here is something even better, you can have all that even if you don’t live close by a Park with an amazing playground. You have the chance to give your children the opportunity to develop at the best right at home. This is what Backyard Adventures and Playtime Solutions can help you to do.

We can help you to find the perfect playground for you, and is not a cliche! For real! We want to know how many kids you have, ages, your budget and how much space you have. With all these in mind, we can create something unique for your family. Contact us today and give to your kids the amazing childhood that they deserve.

We have a big variety of designs!

- Playtime Solutions Inc

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