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General Services

We supply high quality products and professional installers to make your dreams a reality. We specialize in turnkey backyard projects where we install playgrounds, pools, outdoor kitchens, paving stones or decks, fencing, and more. We continue to source only the best products to offer more to our clients.




Pools: From planning to the first jump!

Make it happen, we can make your dream pool a reality. 

Our involvement begins by learning and understanding your original idea. We then put your idea to paper and provide you with pricing. 

After that we discuss payment options and a timeline for the project. You will be put on our schedule immediately, which will result with you swimming in a short period of time!


Customized landscaping and decking

Make your backyard an extension of your home.


We are here to help you fall in love with your back yard, whether it needs a little help or a complete makeover. 

Our landscape specialist skills include: decks, paving stones, grass/turf, fencing, planting, mulching, fountains, ponds, playgrounds, outdoor kitchens and fire places. We can make your project fit your budget. 


Customized Fencing

We offer high-end custom fencing and decks.


We create custom backyard fences to match your home and landscaping. Contact us for a quote. 

General Contracting

general contracting

House renovations, cladding, flooring, backyard fences and decks.


Do you want to complete that last project you have at your home or cottage? Our team will help you get it done. Siding, flooring, cabinets, roofing, tiling, fencing and much more!